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Wicomico News
Wicomico County Md.
July - December 1930

Mr. and Mrs. Mack Bradley and dau., Betty of Hyattsville, Mr. and Mrs. Levin Wright and children Sam, Joe and Elizabeth Ann, Miss Maggie Seabrease, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wright and children Virginia, Ralph and Mary and Robert Bounds spent the day in Ocean City.

Mr. and Mrs. Thornton Gogoll and children Olga and Thorton, Jr. of Norfolk, Va., were guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Glasgow

Mrs. Lizzie Bacon spent the week in Salisbury on account of the sudden death of her son-in-law, Mr. G. J. Hearn.

Mr. and Mrs. Smiley of Edingburg, Indiana were guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Glasgow.

Mr. Charles Hare who purchased the A. J. English farm at Spring Grove has sold the farm and left for Philadelphia. Accompanied by his friend, Mr. Harry J. Kohn who was a guest of his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. James Watson.

Mrs. W. J. S. Culver and grandson, Asa Merrit of Laurel are guest of Mr. and Mrs. Levin Brown.

July 24, 1930

Helen Miranda Lambertson, 14 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lambertson of Salem, Md. died of Typhoid Fever. She survived by her parents, sister, Beatrice and brother, Raymond.

Mrs. Lizzie Evans of Hillsboro, Md. is guest of her sister, Mrs. John Cheezum.

Mrs. James Davis and daughters, Doris and Alma of Philadelphia were guests of Mrs. Davis' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Graham.

Sheppard Family Reunion held in Riverview Park, N. J. was attended by the following children and grandchildren of Mrs. Cora Wilson: Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Wilson and children Frances and Upton of Hebron, Mr. and Mrs. Garfield Wilson and sons Clifton and Levin, Messrs. Humphreys and Arthur Wilson, Miss Mary Wilson, Mr. and Mrs.Robert Wilson and accompanied by Mrs. Cora Wilson.

July 31, 1930

Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Austin, Jr., Mrs. Herman Jackson and dau., Catherine, Mr. and Mrs. George Hellerick of Philadelphia were guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Austin of Athol.

After spending five months as a guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Bounds, Mr. A. A. Piper left for Knoxville, Tenn.

Mrs. Mary Belle Hatton, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hatton and children, Woodrow and John Alfred of Green Hill were guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Phillips.

Mr. and Mrs. George Marvel and children, Betty and Mary Louise of Philadelphia were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Marvel.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pollitt and children, Russell, Franklin and Rebecca of Carnbury, N. J. were guests of Mrs. Pollitt's parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Graham.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Green and daus., Gertrude and Doris were guests of Mrs. Green's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hurley in Pocomoke.

August 7, 1930

Leaking tank on a coal oil stove caused an explosion in the kitchen adjoining the tearoom of Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson.

Mr. John P. Wright's truck collided with a slow freight train at Harrington, Del. Mr. Wright suffered a bad scalp wound needing 16 stitches, an injured eye, several broken ribs. Mr. Wright is the vice president of the Farmer's Bank of Mardela.

Mrs. Gilbert North and two children, Billy and Charlotte Ann of Baltimore were guests of Mrs. North's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gabler.

Mrs. Alice Bailey, aged 76 years, died on Friday, July 25 in the home of her daug., Mrs. George Mills of Hebron. She is survived by 3 daughters, Mrs. Harry Eller of Delmar; Mrs. George Lowe of Mardela; Mrs. George Mills of Hebron. Funeral services were held from the Mt. Herman M. P. Church on Sunday afternoon. Interment was in the Red Men's Cemetery, Sharptown.

August 14, 1930

Mrs. Mary Hutchings of Sharptown, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hutchings and dau., Doris of Salisbury and Mr. and Mrs. John Adelone and dau., Elaine of Baltimore were guests of Mrs. Alice English.

Mr. Walter Bull of Baltimore is critically ill with Typhoid Fever in the home of Mr. Herman Gambrill of Athol. Mr. Bull with his mother, aunt, brother and sisters were visiting relatives in this section.

August 21, 1930

Mrs. Isaac Johnston of Chadds Ford, Pa. was guest of Mr. and Mrs. Leeland Adkins of Double Mills and Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Venables. Mrs. Johnston was the former Miss Margaret Armstrong.

Mr. and Mrs. James Solloway, Mr. and Mrs. John Doughtery, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Donoho, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Dougherty, Misses Janie and Virgia Brown and Dora Donoho met in the home of Mr. and Mrs. John T. Adams and gave their mother and grandmother a surprise party the occasion being her 71st anniversary.

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Nelson of Galestown announced the birth of Erma Lee, born on Tuesday, Aug. 12th. Mrs. Nelson was formerly known as Miss Mary Cheezum.

Mrs. S. R. Henry, Miss Ruth Henry, Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Wilkinson and Miss Katherine Wilkinson motored to Franktown, Va. on Thursday and were guests at the marriage of Miss Virginia Estelle Mapp, d/o Mr. and Mrs. R. C. J. Mapp and Mr. Willard Henry, second son of Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Henry of Mardela. The newlyweds will live in Nassawadox, Va.

Invitations have been received to the marriage of Miss Margaret Carson Leetch of Philadelphia to Mr. Medford C. Seabrease, s/o Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Seabrease on Sept. 3rd in Philadelphia.

Hatton family reunion held on the lawn of Mr. N. O. Austin of Mardela. Those attending included: Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Porter, Mrs. Andrew Sims and dau., Helen of Balto.; Mrs. Milton Trader of Berlin; Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Thompson and Mr. William Russell of Claymont, Del.; Miss Betty Bradley of Hyattsville; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Emory and grandson, Billy of Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bailey and son, Robert, Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Roland Brumbley and daus., Betty and Genevieve, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hearn and children, Alex and Marian Lee, Mrs. Martha Calloway and children, Charles, Mary Frances and Betty, Mrs. George Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Bailey and dau., Iris of Delmar.

Mr. and Mrs. Talbot Mills and children, Linwood, Franklin, Olin, Doris, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Phillips and children, Ralph, Fred, Ruby, Miriam, Julian, Belva, Bryan, Paula, Mrs. Marion Gordy, Mr. and Mrs. George Goslee and children, Ruth, Isabelle, Frances, Howard and Allen of Hebron.

Mr. and Mrs. William Mills and children, Dorothy and Franklin, Mrs. Grafton Mills, Mrs. Warren Parker and son, George, Mrs. Walter Mills and children, Walter, Jr. and Vivian,

Mrs. M. E. Watson and sons, Wellington and Edward, Mrs. Mary Belle Hatton, Mrs. Noah Clark, Mr. Norman Ellis and Mrs. Nellie Price of Salisbury.

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Hatton, Mr. and Mrs. Howard D. Hatton and children, Ruth, Alma, Dale, Mrs. George Cox of Athol, Rev. and Mrs. Thornton, Rev. and Mrs. E. E. Krauss, Mr. and Mrs. N. O. Austin and children, Margaret, John Edward and Elmer, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Mohler, Mrs. Hilary Heath and daus., Ada and Katherine, Mrs. Franklin Mohler, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hatton of Mardela, and Rev. and Mrs. E. A. MacDonald of Phila.

August 28, 1930

Rev. and Mrs. L. A. Thomas were called to Bloxom, Va. on account of the illness of Mrs. Thomas' father, Mr. W. H. Wessels.

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Laynor of Elkridge, Md., were guests of Mrs Laynor's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Bounds.

Mrs. Gelston Dougherty spent week in Kellar, Va., as a guest of her sisters, Mrs. Austin Byrd and Mrs. Bell.

September 4, 1930

Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Phillips of Nyack, N.Y. were guests of Mr. Phillips' mother, Mrs. Lizzie Phillips.

Miss Eloise Twilley of Cambridge, Md. was a guest of her cousin, Miss Dora Donoho.

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Graham of Pennfield, Pa., were guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Graham of Spring Grove. It has been 24 years since their last visit.

Mr. and Mrs. Levin Wright and children, Sam, Joe, Elizabeth were guests of Mrs. Wright's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lowe of Sharptown, Md.

Mrs. Ralph Jones and dau., Rebecca of Lewes, Del. are guests of Mrs. Jones' parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Watson. Also, Mr. Ralph Jones and son, Ralph, Jr.

Miss Helen Adkins of Salisbury was guest of her cousin, Miss Margaret Austin.

Mrs. Delia Doughtery was called to Wetipquin on account of the death of her sister, Mrs. Alice Furbush.

September 11, 1930

Mr. Walter Bull, age 25, passed away on Monday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gambrill of Athol. He died of Typoid fever. The body was accompanied back to Baltimore for burial by Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gambrill and dau., Florence, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gambrill, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Donoho, Mrs. Milton Parsons and Mr. Elderdice Evans.

Mr. Phillip Graham was guest of his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pollitt in Cranburry, N.J.

Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Phillips and son, Franklin were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Noah Clark Mrs. Clark's mother and Mr. Phillips' sister, Mrs. Mary Belle Hatton is ill.

September 18, 1930

Mr. John Day Perkins, of Tallahassee, Florida is guest of his grandfather, Mr. Drummond and his aunt, Mrs. G. A. Reaves.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mitchell and Wilfred Meyers of Salisbury were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baker. On Sunday evening, Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Baker went out in Mr. Mitchell's car. A short distance from the house the car burst into flames and was completely destroyed.

Mrs. Alice Wilson spending a week with her sister, Miss Janice Elliott.

September 25, 1930

Mr. Marion Mohler of Yakima, Washington guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mohler.

Mrs. Nora Bounds, Mrs. Annie D. Bounds with Mr. M. W. Bounds of Salisbury went to Richmond, Va.. Called there on account of the illness of Mr. George Bradley. Mr. Annie Bounds left Richmond and is now spending time with her brother, George Bounds of Hayes Store, Va.

Miss Essie May Robinson of Mardela and Mr. Dyson Humphreys of Hebron were united in marriage by Rev. E. E. Krauss on Sept. 16, 1930.

Master Allen Gambrill was run over by his father's truck, cutting a gash in his leg.

October 2, 1930

Mrs. Ollie Bennett and children Martha, Lucine, James and Hollis and Walter Taylor were guests of Mrs. Bennett's mother, Mrs. Martha Phillips.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Adams of Baltimore, were guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John T. Adams.

Mrs. Irvin Causey of Fruitland is guest of her brother, Mr. S. C. Glasgow and Mrs. Glasgow.

Mr. Alfred Johnson of Wilmington, De. is guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Johnson of Riverton.

Mrs. Ella Mitchell of Salisbury is guest of her sister, Mrs. Maggie Lowe.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Donoho birth of son, Lewis Donald, born on Monday, Sept. 22, 1930.

Mr. Albert Bailey of Athol was thrown out of a dogcart and run over, he is suffering with a broken rib.

October 9, 1930

The marriage of Miss Marjorie Jacob to Herbert Caudill will take place in Macon, Ga.Mr Caudill lived in this community with his father, Prof. W. H. Caudill. Prof. Caudill was the principal of the local High School.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanford Twilley birth of son, Harold Stanford, born Sept. 22, 1930.

Mr. and Mrs. Ora Hall and daus., Doris and Dorothy of Salisbury were guests of Mrs. Hall's parents, Mr. & Mrs. John T. Adams.

Mrs. Ida Hines, of Glen Arms, Md. was a guest of her brother, Mr. Kirkendahl and Mrs. Kirkendahl.

Virginia Bounds and Rebecca Taylor underwent tonsil operations in PGH on Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ward Donoho, Miss Morton and Mr. Thomas of York, Pa. were guests of Mr. Donoho's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Donoho of Athol.

Mrs. Mary Belle Hatton, widow of the late Humphries Hatton, passed away early on Sunday morning, Oct. 5, 1930 in the home of her dau., Mrs. Noah Clark of Salisbury. She was born near Mardela 68 years ago. She is the daughter of the late Alfred and Isabel Phillips. She died of pneumonia and complications. She is survived by four children, Mrs. Noah Clark of Salisbury, Mrs. George Goslee of Hebron, Mr. Alfred Hatton of Green Hill and Mr. Walter Hatton of Salisbury. She is survived by a sister and brother, Mrs. Curtis Vickers of Sharptown and Mr. T. B. Phillips of Mardela. Funeral services held in Mt. Pleasant M. P. Church, Athol. Interment in the Baptist Cemetery, Athol.

October 23, 1930

Mrs. Elizabeth Parks Byrd, age 74, died at her home in Oak Hall, Va. on Oct. 13, 1930. She is survived by her husband, Johannes L. Byrd and seven children, Mrs. J. S. Taylor, Miss Nan Byrd of Oak Hall, Va., J. Milton Byrd of Onley, Va., Mrs. Mollie Mears, Orris S. Byrd, Walter R. Byrd of Baltimore and Otho L. Byrd of Salisbury, Md. Interment in Downings Cem., Oakhall, Va.

Rev. and Mrs. Thomas H. Johnson of Manhattan, Kansas were guests of Mr. Johnson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Johnson.

Mrs. James Knowles of near Sharptown was given a birthday party in honor of her 71 years on Tuesday night. Guests were Mr. T. W. English, Mrs. W. A. Graham, Mrs. Nellie Beach and children, Louise and Billy, Mr. Royce Bailey, Mrs. Jennie English, Misses Lillian and Marion English, Mr. Paul English, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman English, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Shockley, Mr. Joseph Shockley, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Knowles and sons, Billy and Tommy.

October 30, 1930

Prof. Z. A. Ryan, a former Athol boy but lately of New Orleans, La., will teach the tenor banjo at Mardela.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Hollingshead birth of son, Ralph Wilson on Saturday, Oct. 25, 1930.

Miss Margaret Ellen Truitt, youngest dau. of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Truitt of Athol and Mr. Edgar Townsend Bennett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bennett were married on Wednesday, Oct. 22, 1930 by Rev. G. S. Ross.

Mr. and Mrs. Robey of Washington, D.C. were guests of their daughter, Mrs. Clarence Walker and her husband.

Mrs. Mariah Sewell is quite ill at the home of her dau., Mrs. R. E. Bailey of Athol.

Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Wilkinson and dau., Katherine, Mrs. S. R. Henry and dau., Ruth and Wendall Henry went to Harringburg to attend the nuptials of Mrs. Henry's oldest daughter, Iris Estella to Mr. Kenneth M. Esenwine. The cememony was performed by Rev. Boyer in the United Brethern Church, Enola, Pa.

November 6, 1930

Mrs. Virginia Beck of Harper's Ferry was guest of her dau., Mrs. G. S. Ross and Gaylon Ross.

Mr. Frank Hearn passed away Thursday night in the home of his sister, Mrs. Melissa Knowles of Riverton. He was 71 years old and the s/o the late John Hearn. Survived by two sisters and one brother, Mrs. Knowles, Mrs. Mary Dougherty and George Hearn. Interment in the M. P. Church Cemetery, Riverton, Md.

November 13, 1930

The following children, grandchildren and friends helped Mr. Thomas Donoho celebrate his 76th birthday on Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Donoho, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cheezum and children Raymond, Iva, Virginia, Weldon, Naomi and Betty, Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Donoho, Mrs. Beulah Bradley, Mrs. Alice English and Mr. Milton Adkins.

November 27, 1930

Mrs. L. A. Drury of Norfolk, Va. guest of her cousin, Mrs. W. H. Kirkendahl.

Mrs. Herman Marvel spent the week in Philadelphia with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Williams.

December 4, 1930

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Weatherly and son, Marion of Wilmington, Del. attended his mother's, Mrs. John Weatherly, 71st birthday party. Also present were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Taylor and son, Franklin, Mrs. Louise Theil, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Howard and children, Paul, Doris and Phillip, Mr. and Mrs. Luke Shockley and children, Ralph, Frances and Bobby.

Mr. Webster Elderdice is the guest of his sister, Mrs. Mabel Freeney in Pittsville, Md.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ferretti of Newark, N.J. guest of Mrs. Ferretti's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Levin Brown.

Mr. & Mrs. Melville Kinney and daus. Ruth and Ethel of Wilmington, Del. were guest of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kinney.

Mrs. Emma Smith and grand-daughter Margaret Bennett were guests of her nephew, Mr. Samuel Smith and wife in St. Georges, Del.

Mr. and Mrs. William Brown and daughters Louise and Alice of Deals Island were guests of Mr. and Mrs. John William Brown.

Mr. and Mrs. Olin LeCompte and children Harper, Vernon and Audrey of Linkwood, Md. were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Sewell.

Mrs. Clara C. Bounds, wife of Albert N. Bounds died on Saturday, Dec. 6, 1930. She was almost 81 yrs of age and was the daughter of the late Frank and Elizabeth Wilson of Mardela, Md. Mr. and Mrs Bounds' golden anniversary was eight years ago. She survived by her husband, and four children, Mrs. R. C. Laynor of Elkridge, Md., Mrs. A. A. Piper and Miss Hester Bounds of Mardela, Md. and Mr. Paul W. Bounds of Philadelphia, Pa. Her brothers are Addison Wilson of Baltimore, Md. and T. Wilson of Mardela.

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