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Wicomico News
Wicomico County Md.
March - July 1930

March 6, 1930

Mrs. Nanette Veasy, Miss Mildred Dougherty, Mr. G. W. Venables of Salisbury; Mrs. Mabel Freeny and Mr. John Freeny of Pittsville; Mrs. Elizabeth Mills of Spring Hill Lane were callers on Sunday afternoon in the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Venables.

Funeral services were held for Mr. William Henry Woolen on Wednesday afternoon in the Pilgrim Holiness Church, Mardela. Interment in the Mardela Cemetery. Mr. Woolen’s son, Mr. Edward Woolen of Fort Douglas, Utah, did not arrive home until Friday night coming all the way by bus.

Mrs. Cyrus Risler and Miss Harriet Allen of New York City; Miss Addie Griffith of Allen; Miss Annie Rush Brattan of Baltimore, spent several days over the weekend with relatives in town, called here on account of the death of Mrs. Nettie Cooper.

Mrs. Lewis Bradley left on Wednesday last for Wilmington where she will spend sometime as the guest of Mr. & Mrs. Estol Bradley and family and Mr. & Mrs Alfred Stout and family.

Mr. & Mrs. G. F. Jackson and Miss Margaret Jackson motored to Farmington, Del., on Sunday last and were the guests of Mr. Jackson’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Jackson.

Mr. Willard Henry of Nassawadox, Va., & Mr. Roland Henry of Salisbury, spent Sunday with their parents, Mr. & Mrs. S. R. Henry.

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Leadnum of Hurlock spent Sunday as the guests of Mrs. Leadnum’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. W. T. Wilson.

Mr. & Mrs. William Smith and sons Sanford, Irving, Lewis of Parsonsburg were guests on Sunday of Mr. & Mrs. Harry Hearn and family.

Mr. William W. Wright of Hurlock was renewing old acquaintances. He was guest in the homes of his brother, John P. Wright.

Mrs. J. A. Lowe is confined to her home on the account of illness. Mrs. Lowe’s sister, Miss Maude Graham of Quantico has been taking care of her.

Mrs. Raymond Lambertson & children, Helen Beatrice and Raymond, Jr. of Salem were guests of Mr. & Mrs. S. C. Glasgow.

Mr. Clifton W. Furbush & children, Russell & Peggy Jean of Eden; Mrs. Edward Horner and daughters, Mrs. Luther Insley and Miss Essie Horner of Bivalve; Mrs. Elvira Dunn of Salisbury were guests of Mr. & Mrs. John W. Furbush & family.

Mrs. Nettie Cooper having been ill but one week of a complication of diseases and while it was known she was quite ill the end was not looked for so soon. She passed away very early in the morning. Mrs. Cooper was born reared in this community and leaves a host of friends relatives. She was the last remaining child of Mr. & Mrs. Train A. Bounds, five children having died within the past eight years.

Mrs. Roxie Ellen Phillips, wife of Mr. Allison W. Phillips passed away in her late home in Spring Grove early Thursday morning, Feb. 27. Mrs. Phillips suffered a paralytic stroke ten months ago. She was born reared in Riverton and was the daughter of the late Nathaniel & Ardella Walker and was 72 yrs. old. She united in marriage 54 yrs. ago. Besides her husband, she is survived by four children, Capt. Webb W. Phillips of Baltimore, C. Holland of Mardela, Delbert L. of Riverton and Mrs. Pearl Bennett of Baltimore. Mrs. George Walker & Mrs. Maggie Russell are sisters. Interment at Riverton Church yard.

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Stout of Philadelphia were guests of Mr. & Mrs. A. S. Venables

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Widdowson spent the latter part of the week in Princess Anne with relatives. Mr. Widdowson’s oldest brother, Mr. Guy Widdowson was accidentally drowned in Kings Creek near his home on Thursday. While driving a truck to Princess Anne for building material early Thursday, the steering gear broke the truck running through the rail and upturning in the creek.

Mrs. Arthur Lloyd of Brooklyn, N. Y., spent the weekend with his mother, Mrs. Lottie Lloyd. Additional guests were Mr. & Mrs. Hillary Lloyd and son Merrill of Baltimore, Mr. Addison Lloyd of Hebron.

The children, grandchildren & great grandchildren of Mr. Thomas W. English met in the home of Mr. Paul English of Spring Grove on March 4th, in honor of the 85th birthday of Mr. English. Those from a distance included, Mrs. Lafayette Donoho of Oxford, Md., Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Davis & children Dorothy & Mary Elizabeth of Dover Bridge and Mr. Llewellyn English of Mount Holly.

Mr. & Mrs. L. P. Brockson & son, Wilson of Washington, D.C. were guests of Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson.

Mrs. J. C. Truitt of Athol, spent the past week in Philadelphia, as guest of her daughter, Mrs. Paul Emery.

Mr. & Mrs. John Bedsworth of Newark; Mr. George Hoover of Pocomoke and Mr. & Mrs. Victor Evans and little daughter, Betty Anne of Laurel were guests of Mr. & Mrs. I. H. Evans.

June 5, 1930

Mr. & Mrs. John William Brown of Baltimore were guests of Mrs. Brown’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. W. G. Graham. Mr. Brown will be transferred from Baltimore to Salisbury by his firm in a week or two.

Mrs. Willie Darby was called to Quantico the past week on account of the illness of her sister, Mrs. Mary Hester Green.

Mrs. Fred Miller and little daughter, Caroline of Baltimore Miss Myra Evans of Pine Bluff are spending several days with their sister, Miss Lelia Evans.

Little Wilson Wheeler of Baltimore is spending several days with his grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. L. A. Wilson. Wilson, son of Mr. & Mrs. Millard Wheeler.

Miss Iris Henry & Mr. Oliver Henry of Harrisburg, Mr. Wallace Henry of Philadelphia and Mr. Willard Henry of Nassawadox, Va. have been guests of their parents, Mr. & Mrs. S. R. Henry and brother, Wendell.

Mrs. Walter Mills & children, Walter, Jr. & Vivian Janet of Salisbury are guests of Mrs. Mills’ parents, Mr. & Mrs. Bacon Bailey.

Miss Fannie P. Haddock of Berwyn, PA is guest of her sister, Mrs. L. W. Parker.

Mr. & Mrs. George Austin & sons George, Jr. and Henry of Philadelphia were guests of Mr. & Mrs. E. L. Austin of Athol.

Mrs. Josie Davie of Chicago and Mrs. Wade Dorman of Quantico were guest of their aunt & uncle, Mr. A. S. Venables.

Mr. & Mrs. George Davis of Onancock, Va. were guests of their son and daughter in law, Mr. & Mrs. Bryce Davis & son, Bryce, Jr.

Mrs. Herman Marvel spent a week in Philadelphia as quest of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Williams.

Mr. & Mrs. D. C. Johnson Otis of Washington, D.C. were guest of Mr. & Mrs. Levin Wright.

Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Robinson children, Catherine, Lelia and Rudolph motored to Kellar, VA and were guests of Mr. & Mrs. John Furbush.

Mr. Medford Seabrease of Philadelphia was guest of his parents, Mr. & Mrs. R. A. Seabrease.

Mrs. William Hurley is spending this week at Hammondtown as guest of Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Hammond. Mrs. Hurley’s mother, Mrs. Sarah Lloyd and little granddaughter, Hilda Belle Adkins who have been spending several days with Mrs. Hurley accompanied her to their home.

Mr. & Mrs. Addison Lloyd of Hebron, Mr. Hillary Lloyd of Baltimore, Mr. Arthur Lloyd of Brooklyn, N.Y., Mr. & Mrs. Glen Marvel and daughter, Catherine, Mrs. Jackson Bradley sons, Cecil and Lloyd were guests of their mother, Lottie Lloyd and their sister, Miss Nannie Lloyd.

Mr. & Mrs. William Larmore, Mr. & Mrs. Kent Larmore daughter, Peggy and Master Jack Larmore of Salisbury were guest of Mr. & Mrs. J. S. Larmore.

Miss Mildred Marvel spending time with grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Williams in Philadelphia.

June 12, 1930

Mr. & Mrs. Hollis Bailey, parents of a little daughter born June 3, 1930 in the Peninsula General Hospital, Salisbury, MD.

Mr. & Mrs. Warren Howard announced the birth of a little son on Wednesday, June 4, 1930.

Mrs. L. A. Wilson who was injured in a motor accident 8 or 9 weeks ago was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore on Tuesday and underwent an operation on her head. Latest reports are she is doing nicely.

Mr. & Mrs. Wade Furbush of Barren Creek Mill announce birth of a son on Wednesday, June 4, 1930.

Miss Dorothy Swanger of Water Falls, W. VA, is guest of Miss Catherine Wright.

Rev. & Mrs. M. E. Dearholt and son, Bobby of Water Falls, W. Va, are guests in the homes of Mr. & Mrs. Harland Twilley and Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Wilkinson.

Mr. & Mrs. Elisha Davis and children, Elisha, Jr., Mary Lee and Mrs. Robert Murrell of Salisbury were guests of Mr. & Mrs. Truitt Gillis . Junior had been spending the week with his cousin Drue.

Mr. Elwood Higgins of Baltimore was guest of his parents, Capt. & Mrs. George Higgins of Riverton.

Mrs. William Hickey children, Jacqueline & Billy are guests of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Bradley.

Mrs. Ralph Jones daughter, Rebecca of Lewes, Del. were guests of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. J. S. Watson.

Miss Iris Bennett received as a reward for collecting $10.00 for the Missionary Collection at the M. P. Church on Sunday, a bible the back of which is made of wood from India.

June 26, 1930

Mrs. Bryce Davis & son, Bryce, Jr. spent time with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Tilghman of Nassawadox, Va.

Mr. Benjamin Wesley Gravenor passed away in his home in Camden, N.J. on Thursday morning, June 26 after a short illness of about two weeks. He was born reared in Riverton being the son of the late Benjamin & Eleanor Gravenor and was 66 years of age. Nearly 40 years ago he was united in marriage to Miss Elma Bradley of Sharptown and moved to Camden. He is survived by his widow and three children, James Alcade, Howard and Mrs. Earl Sensor all of Camden, also one brother, E. A. Gravenor of Camden. Interment in the Mardela Cemetery.

James Wilson Bounds of Pocomoke had been a patient in the Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia for the past three weeks. He returned to his home on Saturday and passed away early Sunday morning. He is the son of Mrs. Maggie Bounds and the late Windsor Bounds and was born near Mardela nearly 41 years ago. He was united in marriage to Miss Julia Fowler of Laurel, Del., who survives together with three children, James, Jr., Virginia and Fowler. Interment in the Mardela Cemetery.

July 3, 1930

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ellis & son, Robert, Jr. of Baltimore were guests of Mrs. Ellis’ parents, Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Elliott.

Little Miss Lois Stout of Wilmington is guest of grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Bradley.

Announcement is made of the marriage of Miss Harriet Allen of New York City to Mr. Ralph T. Bounds. The ceremony took place at 9 A.M. in St. Lukes P. E. Church, N. Y. Mr. & Mrs. Bounds will live in Mardela.

Mrs. Bessie Marvel was united in marriage to Mr. Ora Hall in Hebron on Saturday night, June 28, 1930.

Mr. L. B. Bradley had the misfortune to be caught under an upturned transplanter the past week and is suffering with 3 fractured ribs.

Mrs. Edward Stevens & daughters, Jean & Peggy of Philadelphia are guests of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Graham.

Mr. John Bennett Taylor, son of the late Josiah & Esther Taylor passed away in his home in Mardela on Tuesday night, June 24, 1930, death due to heart failure. He was born in Mardela 62 years ago. He was married first to a Miss Mary Bradley and a few years after her death he was again married to a Miss Lizzie Bennett who passed away about 8 years ago. Mr. Taylor is survived by the following children: John, Josiah, Herman, Walter, Elisha, Mary, Ruth and Rebecca Taylor, all of Mardela and by the following sisters & brothers: Mrs. Perry Brown of West Point, Va.; Mrs. Bacon Bailey, Mr. Andrew Taylor and Calvin Taylor of Mardela. Interment in the Mardela Cemetery.

July 10, 1930

Mrs. Jones and grand-daughter, Betty Phelps Todd of Baltimore were guests of Mr. & Mrs. George P. Waller.

Mr. & Mrs. Dow Bacon children, Catherine, Louise, James, Albert and Robert were guests of Mrs. Lizzie Bacon.

Master Sydney Chase of Cambridge is spending sometime with his aunt, Mrs. Harvey Cheezum.

Rev. & Mrs. T. S. Dixon and daughter were guests of Mrs. Dixon’s mother, Leah Griffin in Baltimore. They were accompanied home by their nieces & nephews, Wilmer, Neita, Donald and Lilly Frances Insley.

Mrs. Ralph Douglass and little daughter, Nelda of Nanticoke are guests of her aunt, Mrs. Dela Dougherty.

Miss Sarah Elizabeth Bradley & Mr. John S. Taylor were united in marriage on Monday.

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