Will of Marcellus W. Bailey
Wicomico Co., Maryland
May 11, 1918

In the Name of God Amen ,
I Marcellus W. Bailey of Wicomico County, State of Maryland, Knowing the uncertainty of this Mortal life, but being of sound and disposing mind and memory blessed to God for the same, do make and publish this my Last Will and Testament,in manner and form as follow:

Item First
Its is my will and desire that my funeral expenses and all my just debts shall be paid out of my Estate by my Executor herinafter named.

Item Second
I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Annie E. Bailey all of my Household and Kitchen furniture of every kind and description

Item Third
It is my will and desire that all of the balance of my property - Real and personal shall be sold by my executor as soon as possible after my decease and the proceed be divided after all expense in the followin manner.

Item Fourth
I give and bequeath to my children by my first wife, that is to say , to John T. Bailey, Mary M. Twilley, Samuel M. Twilley, Alice Brittingham, L. Ernest Bailey, Letitia Whayland, and George E. Bailey the sum of Ten dollars each and no more of my Estate.

Item Fifth
It is my will and desire that the balance of my estate shall be Equally divided as follows: To my wife Annie E. Bailey and her children: Karl M. Bailey, Lay L. Bailey, Blanche Mills, Ann Bounds, Herman Bailey, Dow Bailey and Bernice Carey share and share alike.

Item Sixth
It is my will and desire that Robert G. Robertson act as my Executor to carry out the provisions of this Will and in the Event that he should die or become incapacited to act, I would then constitute Verney Jones to act as my Executor.
As witness whereof I have hereinto subscribed my name on this the 11th day of May 1918.
M. W. Bailey

We the subscribers do hereby certify that Marcellus W. Bailey the testator subscribed his name to this instrument in our presence and did and at the same time in our presence and hearing that this instrument was his last Will and Testament and as at his request sign our names hereto in his presence.
Attesting Witnesses,
W. Gillis
W. C. Brady

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