Will of Eliza A. (White) Croswell
Somerset County, Maryland
March 3, 1881

In the name of God Amen I, Eliza A. Croswell of Somerset County, The state of Maryland being in perfect health of body and of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding considering the certainty of death and the uncetainty of the time thereof and being desirous to settle my wordly affairs and that by be the better prepared to leave this world when it shall please God to call me hence, do therefore make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say.

Item: I give and devise unto my son, Frederick White, my house and lot and all that appertains to it and also one bed stand, bed and furniture and also one large cupboard and one looking glass. Also I give and devise to my son Frederick White and my son, James White, the one half of my store goods and one half of the money belonging to the store to be equally devided between them, Also I give unto my son, James White, one bed stand mattress bed bolster two pillows and slips and bolster slip one pair of sheets, three quilts, one blanket, one ?, also one bureau and my common table one table cloth and half dozen common plates and also a home to stay during his single life that is to say on the premises described to my son, Frederick White.

I will that my books be equally divided between all my children.

Item: I will and devise to my son Levin White, thirty dollars also one wash stand and mantle clock also one looking glass and one gallon stone jar and a half dozen common cups and saucers also one old large trunk also one bed quilt.

Item: I give and devise to my four daughters my wearing apparel which is Sarah, Louisa, Eliza and Emily to be equally divided among them. I give and devise to my daughter, Sarah one small cupboard one trunk and bed stand mattress one bolster and slip one pillow and one pair of slips, one bed quilt and one blanket, one white cream cup and one white pitcher and five table spoons and also one pair of sheets.

Item: I give and devise to my daughter Louisa my small rocking chair, one bed quilt one pair of sheets one pair of pillow slips one half dozen glass jars one white pitcher one white sugar dish one blue and white vegetable dish with cover one white shallow dish.

Item: I give and devise to my daughter Eliza, my large best dining table and cover domestic table cloth, one cain seat rocking chair, my rag carpet one bed quilt, one trunk, a half dozen air tight glass jars and a small toilet table one large willow basket, one pair of cotton cords one white cream cup, one white shallow dish and a half dozen small glass saucers, one glass preserve dish with cover and at her death to go to her son, Bertie Ford.

Item: I give and devise to my daughter Emily, a half dozen cain seat chairs, my best wash stand one china pitcher a half dozen china cups and saucers and a half dozen teaspoons and spoon holder a half dozen small plates one white vegetable dish with cover a half dozen dining knives and forks and also one bed quilt, one domestic table cloth and one set of quilting frames.

Item: I give and devise to my husband Henry S. Croswell, the other half of my store goods with half of the money belonging to the store and at his death it shall be divided between his two grand children which is Edward S. Croswell and William H. Croswell. I will and devise to my husband Henry S. Croswell one single bed stand and mattress and bed bolster and pillows one bolster slip one pair of pillow slips one pair of sheets two bed quilts two counterpanes and one blanket also one chest and one wood rocking chair.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this third day of March in the year eighteen hunderd and eighty-one.

Eliza A. Crosswell (seal)
Henry P. White
Joseph M. White
Nettie L. White

Somerset County to wit: Sept. 25th, 1888 Then came Henry P. White and made oath on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God, that the foregoing instrument of writing is the true and whole last Will and Testament of Eliza Croswell late of Somerset County, deceased, that have come to his hands or possession and that he doth not know of any other.

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