Will of Priscilla Evans McCauley
Sussex County, Delaware
November 03, 1863

Will transcribed by Jim Blackwell

In the name of God, amen. I Priscilla MCauley widow of Joshua MCauley __ being old and infirm but of a sound mind and memrey thank God think it best to disspose of my worldley propperty that it has pleased the Lord to help me with Do make this my last will and testament Revocking all others I do dispose of my proppery in the following manner. To with

Item first I give and bequeth all my Land to my Son Daniel MCauley to him his heirs or assines for Ever by his __ Robert W. Mcauley, John W. MCauley and Nancey E Short wife of Gilley M. Short Seventy five dollars Each

Item Second I will and bequeth to Edward A? MCauley my Grand Son my Small Desk

Item Third I will and bequeth all my personal propperty consisting of my household Goods to my N__ Daughter Nancy E. Short wife of Gilley M. Short In Testatemoney herof I have Set my hand and Seale in presens of the Subscribing witness this the third Day of November in the year of oure lord one Thousand Eight hundred and Sixty three 1863

Test hure
Pressilla X MCauley - seal-
John Day mark
John B. Swain

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