Will Of Joel Messick
Sussex County, Delaware
October 22,1873

Will transcribed by Gwen Hignutt-Wint

I Joel Messick of Broad Creek Hundred, Sussex County and State of Delaware, being of sound disproving mind, memory and understanding and Considering the Mortality of my body do therefore make, publish and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say, in the first place. I give and devise unto my beloved wife Elizabeth Messick my home farm where I now reside and I also give and bequeath to my said wife the use of all of my personal property, (except such of my personal property as I have and do by this will give to others) all for and during the term of her natural life or widowhood and further it is my desire that at and after the death of my said wife the personal property which I have given to said wife shall be subject and liable to the payment of her Doctor's bill and burial charges. Item I give and devise to my son Joel H. Messick at my wife or widow's Death my house, farm where I now reside to hom the said Joel H. Messick, his heirs and assigns forever and I also give to said Joel H. Messick all the moveable property which I have herein given to my said wife, that is to say all of said moveable property which shall not have been used up by my said wife during her life or expended in paying her Doctor's bill or burial charges. Shall after the death of said wife belong to said son Joel H. Messick his heirs and assigns,

Item I give and bequeather to my Grandson John H. Messick ine bed, beadstead and furniture to him the said John H. Messick his heirs and assigns...

Item it is my desire and request that my Exeacutor herein after my death, make sale of the farm and premises which I bought from, Wilson Messick and wife for the best price that can be had or obtained and that all the clear proceeds of such sale shall be equally divided between my two daughters namely, Margaret A. Chipman, wife of John Chipman and Elizabeth F. Lambden, wife of Severn A. Lambden and do hereby authorize and empower my exeacutorherein named to sell and make as good deed for the said farm and premises which I bought of said Wilson Messick and wife. As I could do in my life time and I will here further say that it is my desire and request that this my last will and testament shall stand exactly as it is and if any interested or disinterested person or persons shall attempt to upset this my will, he, she or they shall have no part of my estate, and lastely I hereby constitute and appoint my son Joel H. Messick sole Exeacutor of this my last will and testament, and I Do hereby revoke all and every other will by me heretofore made, declaring this and none other to be my last will and testament, In witness where of the said Joel Messick the testament have hereunto set my hand and seal this the twent second day of October in the year of the Lord One thousand eight hundred and seventy three.

Joel Messick (his mark) S E A L
signed by JoelMessick he testament in
presence of us as his last will and testament
and by this request

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