Will of Cannon Knowls
Sussex County, Delaware
April 26,1877

Will transcribed by Jim Blackwell

My last will and Testament
In the name of God Amen

I Cannon Knowls of Sussex county. Del., Being of feeble health; and knowing of the Shortnefs & uncertainty of human life before I go hence; I desire to adjust all my affairs; Spirtial & tempral

First, I give my soul to God who gave it and commit my boddy to the tomb

Item First; I give and bequeath the track of Land on which my Son Sylvester now resides; Containing 14 Acres more or lefs, and known & called by the name of Bakers Folly to Sylvesters two children, name Javin and Eliya Jane.

Item Two; I Give and bequeathe to my daughter Ann Elisebeth; the sum of one hundred dollars ($100.00)

Item three; I Give and bequeath to my daughter Seeny Jane; 1 Bed & Furnture and a home on this my homestead as long as She lives Singel to be supported by Josephus & Wm.

Item Four; I Give and bequeathe to my two sons; Josephus and William, my Farm on which I now reside; including two tracks Containing 111 Acres more of lefs; and also Bed & Furnature each-


Item Five; I give and bequeathe to my Son giddeon 1 Bed & Furniture

Item Six; I leave and bequeath that my mill and land thereto attached Shall be Sold and the proceeds thereof shall be equally divided betwen Sylvester & July Ann

Item Seven; I leave and bequeathe to my wife Nancy R. one third of all the foregoing Items --

Item Eight; I leave and bequeathe that my sons Elijah D. & Josephus shall Execute & settle my Estate.

 	Item 8. I Give & bequeathe to my Son James the Sum of one Dollar {1.00}

  Item Nine y. I Give & bequeathe to my Daughter Priscilla 18 Acres of Land where She now lives

  Item 10 I Give & bequeathe to my Son Thomas the Horse I let him have some time ago.

  April 26, 1877
Signed, Sealed and Delivered in the presence of Test
Levin X Wright of S.        Connon knol   Seal
   mark        Cannon X Knowles
Flavious J. Bradley
Joseph W. Marron

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