Will Of Nancy Marine
Wicomico County, Maryland
April 15, 1870

I direct that my body be buried by the side of my late husband and both our graves enclosed together with a good substantial iron railing and after payment of my debts and funeral expenses I devise and bequeath as follows:

Item I give and bequeath to my children, Fletcher E. Marine, Vashti Twifford, Elizabeth Robinson, Wm. J. Marine, Martha Rollins, and Sarah Jane Twilley all of my personal estate of whatever nature or kind to be equally divided among each of them and all of them and all of them except, so much thereof as heirs otherwise specially given and bequeathed.

Item Granddaughter, Mary A. Adams on wash bole pitcher and coffee pot which was a present to me from Mary's deceased father, J. O. Adams.

Item To my niece, Mary Jane Bailey, one trumble bed with bedding.

Item All wearing apparel to daughter Vashti, Elizabeth, Martha, and Sarah Jane.

Item Hetty Marine one bed quit to be selected by her from the number that are mine.

I give bequeath and devise to my son, Fletcher E. Marine, his heirs and assigns the ground and premises and all of the improvements there on or thereto belonging - being the same proptery which I now live and upon which my husband lived before and at the time of his death reserving and excepting however from the effects this devise certain portions of the land here in otherwise deposed of by me and now following - to Sarah Jane Twilley the old grave yard Lot of ground lying on the west of the Lot of ground sold by me to her husband, Thomas J. Twilley also a strip of ground to the south of said grave lot running from said grave yard south until it reaches in widith including in measurement the old grave yard lot same distance that there is in Thomas J. Twilley lot across from the River road on the north of said Twilley lot to the southern boundary of his said lot, the intentions of this devise being to give Sarah Jane Twilley the old grave and Land enough on the west of said Twilley so that if the southern Line of his Lot was run west straight to the road running north and south it would make his Lot with the addition of the ground now devised extend from the west of H. Cooper Lot westerly in a straight line to a road on which is the house of Vashti Twifford on the west side of same place of its stopping short of the road as it now does, that part of the ground embraced in the following description to be divided in four lots of equal size contain the same quantity of land no more or less beginning at the South East corner of T. J. Twilley and by a straight line running south until it reaches the county road on the south of my place and being devised as herein mentioned thence westerly to the county road on the west said Lot thence down a long the east side of said road, north until it reaches the southern boundary of the strip of land devised to go to Sarah J. Twilley thence east to the place beginning the Lot bounding the road which is the southern boundary of the entire land now divided to go to my son William, the other Lots to one to Vashti Twifford, one to Elizabeth Robinson, and one to Martha Rollins and their heirs.

Fletcher E. Marine, Executor
April 15, 1870 at Sharptown

James Robinson
John Robinson of Eli
Hiriam B. Cooper

Transcribed by Carolyn Adkins

(The remains of Matthew Marine and wife, Nancy were removed from the vault on the old homestead where they were interred several years ago and reinterred in the Taylor cemetery, Sharptown, MD, November, 1898)

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