Will of Thomas Stainton
Dorchester Co., Maryland
May 21, 1756

Will transcribed by R. Grant Stanton

In the name of God, Amen, the 21st day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty six. I, Thomas Stainton of Dorchester County in the province of Maryland a ? being very sick and weak of body, but of perfect mind and memory, thanks be given unto God, therefore calling into mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament. That is to say principally and first of all, I give and recommend my soul into the hands of God that gave it and for my body, I recommend it to the earth to be buried in a Christian like and decent manor at the descreition of my executor, nothing doubting, but at the general resurrection. I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and as touching such world estate where with I hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give ? and dispose of the same in the following manor and form.

Impremis- It is my will and I do order that in the first place all my ? debts of funeral charges be paid and satisfied.

Impremis- I give and bequeath to my well beloved with Sarah Stainton one negro girl called Grace during her widowhood or natural life besides her third part.

Impremis- I give and bequeath to my son Charles one hundred acres of land being the west end of the land that I had of John Thompson.

Impremis- I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Stainton all the remaining part of the land that I had of Thompson, being part of two tracts of land, one called "Brotherly Kindness" and the other "Partnership" to him and his heirs.

Impremis- I give and bequeath to my son William my now dwelling plantation to him and his heirs.

Impremis- I give and bequeath to my son Mathew, fifty acres of land called "Chance" and likewise fifty acres of land called "Travis(ers) Purchase" that I had of William Harper to him and his heirs.

Impremis- I give and bequeath to my sons William and Mathew ten acres of land called "Safe Pasture" between them and their heirs.

Impremis- My wife is now with child and if it pleases God it should live and be a son, I order my executor to take as much of the part of my four sons as will pinch? him a tract of land to make him equal with the others.

Thomas Stainton (seal)

Signed, Sealed and delivered

In the presence of us, William Harper, Andrew Lord

On the fifth day of July, Anno Dom. 1756 William Harper, Andrew Lord and ? Lord, the satisfying witnesses to the foregoing will being duly and solemnly sworn on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God did depose and say that they saw the testator Thomas Stainton sign the foregoing will and heard him publish and declare the same to be his last will and testament at the time of his so doing he was to the best of their apprehension of sound and ? mind and memory and that they subscribed their respective names as witnesses to the same will in the presence of the said testator and at his request.

Memorandum, Widow stands to the will.

Perogative Court, Wills, volume 30 pp. 187-188, SR4424-1

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