Will of Samuel Cooper
Somerset Co., Maryland
December 10, 1760

In the Name of God Amen The Last Will and Testament of Samuel Cooper of Somerset County being in perfect mind and memory at this present time, Thanks be to God for it dow give and bequeath my Sole into the hands of Almighty God and my Body to be buried at the diseretion of my Executor hereafter to be appointed; And as Touching my worldly goods I leave them in form following

1st My will is that all my just debts and funeral charges be payd and satisfied and in due time

2nd I leave the third of my dwelling Plantation to my beloving Wife Pricila Couper during her widowhood and I likewise leave her the third part of my personal estate after my debts and and legacies be payd and ? aparte

3rd I give and bequeath to my beloving son Samuel Couper my Dwelling Plantation called Bedford to him and the Lawfull heirs of his Body for ever and a yoake of Oxon and Plow and harow and Iron Works and a feather Bed and Furniture

4th I give and bequeth to my beloving Daughter Ann Couper my Ron Horse called Jack and a Fether Bed and Furniture and a Cow and Calf

5th I leave to my beloved son Leving Cooper one Shilling Sterling to be payd out of my Estate and no more

Lastly I appoint my son Samuel Couper Executor of this my Last Will and Testament and the remaindor of my Estate not allready left to be eaqualy devided between my excutors and my Daughter Ann Cooper.

In testamony hears of I have set my hand and fix my seal this 10th Day of December 1760

Signed, Sealed Published and Declared to be the last will and Testament In Presence of John Finch - William Gravinnor - Thomas Gravinnor

Samuel Couper (seal)
his mark

May the 25th 1762 came John Finch William Gravnor and Thomas Gravnor Witnesses to this Will and made Oath on the holy Evangells of Almighty God. That they saw the Testator Samuel Cooper sign and seal and heard him publish pronounce and declare this Instrument of Writeing as his Last Will and Testament and that at the time of his so doeing he was to the best of their apprehension of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding and that they the said John Finch, William Gravenor and Thomas Gravenor Subscribed as Witnesses in the presence and at the request of the Testator Sworn to before - Nehemiah King, Dept. Com of Somerset Co.

June 29, 1762 Came Priscilla Cooper before me the Subscriber and made her Election wherein she relinquishes any Claim by the Will and takes her thrid of both real and personal

Nehemiah King - DC

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