AUGUST 10, 1878

I, Jonathan Riggin of Sharptown Wicomico County and State of Maryland Being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament in maner and form following.

Item First. I divise and bequeath unto my wife Mattilda J. Riggin all of that lot of ground encluding the Houses and apertences theron in Sharptown wheron I now live situated as follows. On Main Street commincing at John R. Twilley's lot thence up said Main Street to a cedar post about two thirds the way from said J. R. Twilley's lot to the lot of Uriah T. Gravenor and from said cedar post to another one on the oposite side of my lot directly on the road leading to the school house all on the north side of the said cedar posts to her my wife during hir natural life or widowhood also the sum of two hundred dollars in cash to be paid hir by my executor. also all of my house hold goods except one bed, bedstead and furniture second choice, the above house hold goods during hir natural life.

Item Second I divise and bequeath unto my son William A. Riggin all my Cripple Land in Dorchester County also all of my lot wheron I now live except that willed to my wife the same being all the land between the land of Uriah T. Gravenor and that willed to my wife also one hundred dollars to be paid him by my daughter Hetty E. Twilley six months after the death of my wife. also one bed bedstead and furniture. second choice. and at the death of my wife our half of all my house - hold goods.

Item Third I divise and bequeath unto my daughter Hetty E. Twilley at the death of my wife all of that House and lot of ground that I have divised unto my wife with the appertinces theron. also one half of all my house-hold goods at death of wife.

Item Fourth My will and desire is that all the residue of my estate(not divised) shall be sold by my executor and after all paid the balance of said estate shall be equally divided between my two children Wm. A. Riggin and Hetty E. Twilley share and share alike

And lastly I do hereby appoint John R. Twilley my sole executor of this my last will and testament revoking all former wills by me hertofore made.

In witness wherof I have Signed, Sealed, declared and published this instrument as my last will and testatment. This 10th day of August 1878.

Jonathan Riggin (seal)

The above was Signed, Sealed and declared by Jonathan Riggin as his will in the presence of

John Robinson of Eli
Noah W. Collins
James Robinson

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