Deed of Sarah J. Twilley
Wicomico Co., Maryland
February 16, 1903

This deed made this Sixteenth day of February, in the year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Three, by Sarah J. Twilley of Sharptown, Wicomico Co. State of Maryland. Witnesseth; That in consideration of the sum of Five Hundred Dollars, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the said Sarah J. Twilley, doth grant unto Mary P. Bennett, all that piece or parcel of land situated in Sharptown district Wicomico Co. State of Maryland, being the same and all the land that was conveyed to me by Albert W. Robinson and Ida O. Robinson his wife by deed dated the 19th, day of September 1892. It being the same land conveyed to Albert W. Robinson from Jas. E. Ellegood, Trustee of Thomas J. Twilley, and conveyed to the said Twilley by his father Robert Twilley and by Cannon Knowles in two parcels one by each party. The said land is known by the name of Twilley's Good Luck, containing 52 acres more or less and situated in Sharptown election district of Wicomico Co. Maryland about one mile from the Steamboat wharf at Sharptown, Md, bounded on the North by a public road in part, the said road running through the lands of the said Twilley, on the East by the line between the states of Maryland and Delaware, on the South by lands of George C. Twilley, on the West by the lands of Elijah D. Knowles.

And the said Sarah J. Twilley covenants that she will warrant generally the property hereby conveyed.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this sixteenth day of February 1903.

Sarah J. Twilley (seal)

Signed sealed and delivered in presence of,
J. O. Adams


This is to Certify that I have Surveyed measured and laid off from a tract of land called and known by the name of ________ Lying in Wicomico County State of Maryland. Beginning at the end of the fifth line of a tract of Land sold by Robert Twilley to Thomas J. Twilley on the west side of a Lane leading by Samuel Walker's ??? to Sharptown and Running thence North 37 degrees West 20 1/2 perches with the said Lane thence South 53 1/2 degrees West 37 3/4 perches thence South 32 degrees East 5 1/4 perches to the end of the Sixth line of a tract of Land sold by Robert Twilley to Thomas J. Twilley thence North 75 1/2 degrees West 41 1/ 2 perches with the Sixth line to the beginning containing 3 acres and 5 perches. Sold by ????? Elijah D. Knowles to Thomas J. Twilley.

Surveyed by Wm. G. Weatherly
March 27, 1878

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