Deed of Dougherty/Hickman
Somerset Co., Maryland

John Dougherty
Jonathan Hickman Heirs

This indenture made this twenty first day of November in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and twenty nine by and between Isaac Atkinson, John Jones (of Benj.), John Insley and George D. Walter of Somerset County in the State of Maryland of one part and John Dougherty of the same County and State aforesaid of the other part.

Whereas the said Isaac Atkinson, John Jones of Benj., John Insley and George D. Walter and a certain Charles Jones now deceased did by virtue of the following ??? proceedings thereon and order which said commission proceedings and order ???? Petition of Gowen White and Biddy his wife for a division of the real estate of Jonathan Hickman dec’d.

April Term 1816
At this term a certain Gowen White and Biddy his wife presented a petition to the County Court of Somerset in Court sitting in the words following. to wit: To the honorable Justices of Somerset County Court, the petition of Gowen White and Biddy his wife of Somerset County respectfully represents that Jonathan Hickman, late grand father of your petitioners Gowen White and Biddy his wife, died intestate on or about the twenty first day of December 1815. Prized of a considerable real estate consisting of a part of a tract of land called "Fair Meadow" supposed to be about three hundred and fifty acres of land within the County of Somerset; that the said intestate left no widow, but left two own children, to wit: Elizabeth Reed wife of James Reed and Leah Hickman and also left twenty nine grand children, to wit: Rebecca Winsor wife of James Winsor, Anne Hopkins, Jane Dickerson wife of Samuel Dickerson, Samuel Hickman, Elizabeth Barkley wife of Abraham Barkley, Jr. and Nancy Hickman, being the legal representatives of Stephen Hickman who died before the aforesaid testator also Elizabeth White, Nicholas E. Moore, Jonathan Moore, Ebby Langsdale and Jane Moore, representatives of Moore wife of Joshua Moore who died before the aforesaid testator, also Betsy Willin, Leah Hopkins wife of Matthew Hopkins, Gilliss Willin, William Willin, Zacheus Willin and Matthias Willin, representatives of Mary Willin wife of George Willin who died before the aforesaid testator, Abraham Barkley, Joseph Barkley, David Barkley, Joshua Barkley, Rachel Barkley, Sally Willin wife of Zacheus Willin and Jane Crocket wife of George Crocket, representatives of Sally Barkley wife of Joseph Barkley, who died before the intestate, also William Hickman son of Charles Hickman who died before the aforesaid testator, also James McCready son of Jane McCready wife of John McCready, who died before the testator, also Biddy White wife of Gowen White, your petitioner, daughter of David Hickman who died before the aforesaid testator, who together became heirs at law to the aforesaid Jonathan Hickman deceased as aforesaid, who cannot agree on a divisionthereof. Your petitioners therefore pray that your honor will order and direct a commission to issue in order to effect a division of the said real estate among the heirs and representatives of the said Jonathan Hickman deceased, according to the direction of an act of assembly entitled an act to direct descents and your petitioners as in duty bound will pray.

Gowen White
Biddy his wife 19th April 1816

Whereupon the said petition being read and heard and satisfactory proof being made that the notice required by the act of Assembly in such cases made and provided has been duly given agreeable to the said Act, it is thereupon ordered by the said Court that a commission issue to Charles Jones, Isaac Atkinson, John Jones, George Walter and John Insley of Somerset County gentlemen, according to the tenor of the said petition

Test. John Done, Clk.

Land sold to the highest bidder, John Dougherty, for $2001.71 - May 30, 1818

Deed recorded March 16, 1830

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